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Product description

Under the name of BioPolyol Biesterfeld distributes polyols from POLYLABS. With this we offer an interesting alternative for manufacturers who want to produce sustainable polyurethane products.

POLYLABS polyols are based on renewable, regional sourced raw materials such as tall oil and rapeseed oil. With a biocarbon content of 70-83%, a significant contribution can be made to reduce the carbon footprint of polyurethane systems.

Another peculiarity is that they are not produced as usual by epoxidation of double bonds in unsaturated fatty acids. In a special process, a reduction of all carboxyl groups produces primary, and thus particularly high-quality polyols are achieved. This and their content of secondary and tertiary amines (autocatalytic activity) are the reason for a very high reactivity.

In addition to the high reactivity, the hydrolytic stability, a good chemical resistance and a high hydrophobicity are to be emphasized.

The BioPolyol products are used for the production of rigid foams, e.g. spray foams and insulating foams.

BioPolyolColourFunctionalityOH/NH value (mg KOH/g)Acid value (mg KOH/g)Viscosity @25°C (mPas)H2O-content (w%)
RDAmber yellow to brown2,05350-390<51.100-1.200<0,2
TTBrown to dark brown2,15300-340<5330-370<0,2





Country availability

Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine


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Lars Karcher

Lars Karcher

Market Development Manager Polyurethane

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