Batch Off Release agent


Product description

Alkon® is a group of Batch-Off Release Agents including liquids, dispersions and powders.

The Alkon® product family was developed over the years to suit customer requirements. Alkon® products are suitable for a wide range of rubber compounds based on natural or synthetic rubber. They may be used on rubber compounds in all forms including pellets, cut blanks, strips extrusions and sheets.

Product Form Active
Alkon 7315 Liquid 28%
Alkon 7610 Liquid 16%
Alkon 3531 Liquid 35%
Alkon 6500 Dispersion 30%
Alkon 6280 Dispersion 35%
Alkon 6240 Dispersion 26%
Alkon 9370 Powder 100%
Alkon 9180 Powder 100%
Alkon 9520 Powder 100%
Alkon 9310AA Powder 100%
Alkon 9420 Powder 100%
Alkon 9195L Powder 100%
Alkon 9580 Powder 100%
Alkon 9420CR1 Powder 100%





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