Product description

EMAL® products are high foaming surfactants with excellent cleaning effect. Thus they can be used in detergents and personal care products.

TradenameChemical DescriptionFormActive %
EMAL® 10 P-HDSodium lauryl sulphatePow95
EMAL® 10 GSodium lauryl sulphateGra95
EMAL® 10 NSodium lauryl sulphateNed95
EMAL® 30 ESodium lauryl sulphateLiq30
EMAL® 40 TETriethanolaminlaurylsulfatLiq40
EMAL® 228 D/JMSodium lauryl ether sulphate (Bronopol)Liq28
EMAL® 228 HPSodium lauryl ether sulphate (unpreserved)Liq28
EMAL® 270 DSodium lauryl ether sulphatePas70



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