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Dahlar® Release Bag, Wrightlon®, Stretchlease®

Product description

Release films from our supplier Airtech are used in vacuum technology with venting valves and in vacuum evaporation as a more affordable alternative to tear-off fabrics, provided the bonding of the mould surface plays a subordinate role.

The release films are offered with and without perforation. Depending on the material used for their preparation, they are suitable for various types of resins. They separate the laminate from the bleeder, thereby helping to remove excess resin from the laminate.

Dahlar® release bagMulti-layered polyolefin film for temperatures up to 140 °C
Wrightlon® seriesRelease films made of PET, polyolefin, PMP, PVF or ETFE for temperatures up to 260 °C
Stretchlease® seriesCombination of peel ply, release film and bleeder according to individual requirements




Dahlar® Release Bag, Wrightlon®, Stretchlease®

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