Polyester/Vinylester Moulding Systems

Polymold LV Series, GCVN X Series, RESINE VE series

Product description

Polyester/Vinylester (UP/VE) mould systems from Polyprocess are used for the production of many composite structures. The system typically consists of a VE gelcoat, a VE barrier resin and a UP laminating resin.

VE gelcoats

VE gelcoats are offered as a spray and brush version in a wide colour palette. Their gelcoats are characterised by high gloss stability, easy self-degassing, good crack resistance as well as excellent temperature resistance and elongation properties.

VE resins

Special VE resins are used for mould-making and as an intermediate layer between the VE gelcoats and UP laminate resins. VE resins are accelerated and thixotropic, provide good impregnating properties and excellent heat and chemical resistance.

UP resins

UP resins for mould production are filled with fillers, are easy to process, thixotropic and have a low styrene emission. They offer an impregnation of the fibres and the possibility to lay a single laminate with a thickness of up to 10 mm. Additional key features are: short curing times, no shrinkage, colour changes during curing (from blue to white) as well as excellent hardness and stiffness.

GCVNVE gel coatHigh and long-lasting gloss, good venting properties
Resin VE 900VE resinVery high chemical and thermal resistances, high HDT
Polymould LVUP resinLow styrene emission, no shrinkage or swelling effect




Polymold LV Series, GCVN X Series, RESINE VE series

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