Phosphate, Syrofos, Carnesal, Puromix, Cremosal, Hamifos

Product description

We offer food quality sodium, potassium, ammonium and aluminium phosphates. Due to the acquisition of German factory Omnisal GmbH, Fosfa is well positioned in the phosphate world market for cheese and meat processing, bakery, dairy, potatoes and sea food.

Tradename Description & Application E-Number/Producer
Straight Phosphates Various types of sodium, potassium, aluminium and ammonium phosphates E339-E541/Fosfa/Omnisal
Hamifos, Masofos, Carnesal, Puromix Meat applications - special blends of tripolyphosphates, polyphosphates and diphosphates for both injection systems and minced product applications E450-E452/Fosfa/Omnisal
Cremosal, Syrophos Dairy application – functional emulsifying salts – phosphate and citrate based for processed cheese applications E450-E452/Fosfa/Omnisal
SAPP Various types of sodium-acid-pyrophosphates (SAPP 15, 28 & 40) for usage in baking powder and dough E450i/Fosfa/Omnisal




Phosphate, Syrofos, Carnesal, Puromix, Cremosal, Hamifos

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Austria Czech Republic
Germany Poland
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