Phosphate Ester


Product description

The Libraphos phosphate esters are based on alcohols, aromatic ethoxylates or alcohol ethoxylates. They are 100% active anionic surfactants and show superior stability in acidic or alkaline conditions but also at high temperatures.

They are used as wetting, emulsifying, lubricating and cleaning agents and add corrosion inhibition.

TradenameChemical DiscriptionAcidic Value
LIBRAPHOS 1028Tridecanol + 5EO140 – 160 (pH 9.5)
LIBRAPHOS 1138 C12-14 alcohol + 4EO150 – 170 (pH 9.5)
LIBRAPHOS 1145 C12-15 alcohol + 4EO150 – 170 (pH 9.5)
LIBRAPHOS 1166 C12-14 alcohol ether phosphate170 – 200 (pH 9.5)
LIBRAPHOS 1187 2-ethylhexanol + 3EO185 – 195 (pH 9.5)
LIBRAPHOS 1257 C9-11 alcohol ether phosphate140 – 170 (pH 9.5)
LIBRAPHOS P4Phenol + 4EO monoester160 – 170 (pH 5.5)
LIBRAPHOS L66Potassium Salt of Libraphos P4


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