Polypropylene Compound


Product description

OMIKRON compounds are based on virgin Polypropylene. Reinforced with up to 75% with fillers like talcum and glass fibres or special fillers like calcium carbonate, glass balls, barium sulphate, mica or a mix of it. Additional modifications like colours, impact-, heat-, scratch- and UV-resistance, detergent stabilization, low emission and food contact ability make OMIKRON very flexible and customized material solution for many segments. Being approved also with OEM colours in the automotive sector underlines the high quality of OMIKRON PP compounds.

OMIKRON recyclates based Polypropylene compounds are base on up to 100% post consumer or post industrial recyclates in the Polypropylene part. Except of the food contact ability they offer all great features and quality consistency of the virgin compounds. Choosing adjusted modifier, these sustainable compounds achieve the same mechanical value levels of virgin based compounds. The sustainability aspect of these grades gives additional value to the customers application and fulfill the strong increasing demand of materials which need to be in line with the circular economy.

OMIKRON ECO recyclates based Polypropylene compounds are a special product range with all great features of the normal OMIKRON recyclates based Polypropylene compounds but with additionally certified recyclates sources and certified production process according to external certifier CSI. All OMIKRON grades can be equipped with this extra attribute to give an extra confidence to the material sustainability aspect up to the end customer.





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