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Founded over 60 years ago, Chem-Trend today covers every conceivable application in the rubber processing industry. Depending on customer requirements, both semi-permanent (Mono-Coat® product line) and conventional (Chem-Trend® PM product line) water- and solvent-based mould release agents are offered for all rubber applications, including silicone rubber. These ensure a better release effect and a better rubber flow. The release agents ensure excellent results, especially with complex geometries.

Special advantages of the semi-permanent release agents are: almost no transfer to the moulded part, reduction of waste, lower consumption and downtimes as well as excellent suitability for rubber-metal bonds.

Conventional release agents are often used in moulds with complex cavities and in the compression moulding process and are applied before each vulcanisation process. Here, the release agent forms a lubricating film that enables the rubber part to be subsequently separated from the mould. All Chem-Trend products are fluorine and PFAS free.


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Mono-Coat®, Chem-Trend®

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