Product description

The pharmaceutical excipients portfolio from Meggle includes a wide range of lactose based products for a variety of applications.

The different lactose types cover the whole range of dosage forms from tablets, capsules, sachets to powder formulations and dry powder inhalation.

Especially the unique co-processed lactose types which are a combination of lactose and excipients such as cellulose or starch, save production steps in the manufacturing process of the finished dosage form. In addition to improved stability of the active pharmaceutical ingredient, cost reductions in production facilities, handling and validation are thereby achieved.

The entire production at all Meggle sites meet the highest GMP standards.

The Meggle lactose portfolio includes the following types (click on the products for detailed information):

Product Application Type
GranuLac 70 Tableting Milled
GranuLac 80 Tableting Milled
GranuLac 140 Tableting Milled
GranuLac 200 Tableting Milled
GranuLac 230 Tableting Milled
SorboLac 400 Tableting Milled
Tablettose 70 Tableting Agglomerated
Tablettose 80 Tableting Agglomerated
Tablettose 100 Tableting Agglomerated
FlowLac 90 Tableting Spray-dried
FlowLac 100 Tableting Spray-dried
DuraLac H Tableting Anhydrous
Cellactose 80 Tableting Co-Processed
MicroceLac 100 Tableting Co-Processed
StarLac Tableting Co-Processed
CombiLac Tableting Co-Processed
RetaLac Tableting Co-Processed
PrismaLac 40 Powder Preparations Sieved
CapsuLac 60 Powder Preparations Sieved
SacheLac 80 Powder Preparations Sieved
SpheroLac 100 Powder Preparations Sieved
InhaLac 70 Dry Powder Inhalation Sieved
InhaLac 120 Dry Powder Inhalation Sieved
InhaLac 160 Dry Powder Inhalation Sieved
InhaLac 230 Dry Powder Inhalation Sieved
InhaLac 251 Dry Powder Inhalation Sieved
InhaLac 400 Dry Powder Inhalation Milled
InhaLac 500 Dry Powder Inhalation Milled



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