Lactic acid and lactates

Galaflow™, Galaxium™, Galacid™, Promeat™, Prodough™, Prodairy™, Galastar™, Galacin™

Product description

We offer biotechnological lactic acids, lactates and derivates from Galactic.

TradenameDescription & ApplicationE-Number/Producer
Galaflow™Sodium and potassium lactates for food applications: Antimicrobial agent, shelf-life extension, humectant, flavour enhancer, pH control agentE325/Galactic
Galacid™Lactic acid for food; Applications: Antimicrobial agent, flavor enhancer, pH control agentE270/Galactic
ProDough™ Adagio FNatural leavening system especially designed for bakery applicationsE270/Galactic
ProMeat™ AdagioCan replace starter cultures and significantly reduces cost in fermented meat productsE270/Galactic
Galacid™ BufferedRange of buffered solutions of lactic acid and lactates; Application: pH control agent (buffer), prevention of sugar inversion in confectioneryE270, E325/Galactic
Galimax™ ProMeatAdvanced range of meat blends designed for food safety and shelf life extension without compromising taste or qualityVarious/Galactic
Galimax™ FlavorClean label range of shelf-life extenders particularly formulated for meat, sauces & dressings and convenience products-/Galactic
Galaxium™Calcium lactate; Application: Calcium supplementation, gelling agent, firming agent, flavor enhancer, leavening agent, stabilizer and thickenerE327/Galactic




Galaflow™, Galaxium™, Galacid™, Promeat™, Prodough™, Prodairy™, Galastar™, Galacin™

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