Labelling Adhesives


Product description

The packaging, whose main task is to secure the product and the environment during transport and storage, also fulfills the essential function of the marketing tool and is a showcase of the product. Knowing it, producer increase their expectations towards labeling. Those requirements cover both – performance and esthetics during product lifetime but also ease of cleaning and environmental friendliness.

Glass labeling:

Labels on glass bottles need to withstand wide range of temperatures and humidity condition while still being easy to remove in the cleaning processes.

Plastic and can labeling

There are many plastic materials that are being used for packaging and require different application methods and products. To ensure optimal parameters proper selection of adhesive is a must when you keep in mind aesthetics and food safety. There are two technologies possible: hot melt or water based adhesives.

Aquence GL 3173starchGlass labelingStandard for simple and dry applications
Aquence GL 702NcaseinGlass labelingHigh resistance for condensation water
Aquence GL 330hybridGlass labelingVersatile for returnable bottles
Aquence XP190acrylGlass labelingVersatile casein-free Returnable bottles IWR and CWR
Technomelt EM 357Plastics and can labelingHotmelt- rubberStandard PET labeling
Technomelt EM 349Plastics and can labelingHotmelt - EVAStandard can labeling
Technomelt EM 360Plastics and can labelingHotmelt - rubberLow migration
Aquence PET 21-22Plastics and can labelingWater basedPET, glass good IWR and CWR





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