Product description

Introducing KRAIBON® from our partner Gummiwerk KRAIBURG, a revolutionary material that is sure to transform the world of composites. KRAIBON® is a thin rubber elastomer that is co-cured with thermoset resins, resulting in a composite material, which combines the positive characteristics of fiber reinforced plastics and rubber elastomers. that is in a strong and flexible material that is perfect for multi-material bonding.

With KRAIBON®, you can achieve permanent flexible joints between composites, allowing you to create designs that were previously impossible. Whether you're working on automotive components, sporting goods, or medical and orthopedic applications, KRAIBON® is the perfect material for achieving the strength, durability, and flexibility that you need.

Thanks to its unique properties, KRAIBON® is an excellent choice for designers and engineers, who want to push the boundaries of what is possible. This innovative material is perfect for creating complex shapes and designs, and it can be used to create joints that are stronger and more flexible than ever before.

KRAIBON®Hybrid adheres to a wide range of materials such as steel, aluminum, natural fiber, carbon fiber and glass fiber reinforced plastics. It offers an improved acoustics due to sound dampening. In addition, it provides impact and splinter protection, thermal and electrochemical decoupling from joining partners and thermal resistance up to 170 °C.

KRAIBON®Hybrid at a glance:

• Rubber elastomer that co-cures with thermoset resins

• Enables permanent flexible joints between composites

• Bonds with multiple materials, making it versatile for various industries

• Incredibly thin, reducing the risk of adding extra weight to composites

• Offers high impact energy absorption

• Splinter protection due chemical bonding on fiber-prepregs

• Passive structure-borne noise insulation

• Easy handling and direct integration

Technical parameters
Product code HVV9632/59
Color Yellow
Tensile strength 16 MPa
Elongation at break 49 %
Hardness 95 Shore A
Tear strength 5.3 N/mm
Temperature Resistance 170 °C
Density 1.34 g/cm3
Recommended Cure Cycle
Temperature (°C) Pressure (bar) Processing Time (min) Cure Time (min)
130 2.7 3.0 16.0
140 3.6 1.3 7.5
150 4.8 0.6 3.3
160 6.2 0.4 1.6
170 8.2 0.3 0.9


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