HPP - Polypropylene Homopolymer

Product description

INEOS produces Homopolymer Polypropylene at all of its European PP Production location. The HPP grade range covers materials for injection molding, extrusion, thermoforming and blow molding with a MFI range from 1 up to 60 (g/10 min. at 2.16kg). Combining the gas phase production process with the newest catalyst technologies, INEOS can produce innovative standard and Phthalate-free Polypropylene grades. The grades exhibit an excellent balance between technical and mechanical properties, such as flowability and stiffness, and commercial competitiveness.

The HPP portfolio contains well-known brand names such as Eltex®, Eltex® P, and Eltex® MED.

Eltex® MED grades are medically approved for use in health care disposable and device industry.

Grades formulations can contain additives, antistatic agents, and nucleating agents.

Typical applications include

- Adhesive tape

- BOPP (biaxally oriented polypropylene)

- Caps & Closures

- Carpet backing

- Cast film

- Compounds

- Consumer products

- Disposables

- Fibers and non-wovens

- Flexible Packaging

- Food trays

- Garden furniture

- Housewares

- Injection strech blow moulding (ISBM)

- Medical syringes

- Pipes and fittings

- Rigid Packaging

- Strapping

- Thin-walled containers for dairy and fresh food

- Toys

- Transparent trays

- Woven bags, geotextiles

Benefits & Features

- Easy de-nesting

- Excellent clarity at low temperature processing

- Good barrier properties

- Good dimentional stability

- Good processability

- Heat resistance

- High clarity

- High crystallinity

- High degree of cleanliness

- High fluidity

- High speed moulding

- High tenacity

- Long term heat stability

- Low catalyst residue

- Low odour level

- Low water carryover

- MFR consistency

- Narrow molecular weight distribution

- Phthalate free



Country availability

Austria Belgium
Croatia Cyprus
Czech Republic France
Germany Greece
Hungary Italy
Luxembourg Macedonia
Netherlands Poland
Portugal Slovakia
Slovenia Spain
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