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Product description

Molykote® Oils and Fluids are based on minerals and synthetic base oils (PAO) and esters. These lube oils are fortified with carefully selected additives to ensure the best possible performance and service life for the machine component.

Our synthetic and mineral lubricants offer significant advantages over base mineral oils – especially under extreme temperatures and pressures. By optimising equipment performance, reducing maintenance costs and delivering more reliable operations, our range of synthetic lubricants can ultimately lead to an improved bottom line. Options include chain oils, compressor and vacuum pump oils, gearbox oils, hydraulic oils, multipurpose oils, and special-purpose oils and fluids.

ProductTemperature Range / °CApplication
MOLYKOTE® MKL-N Chain Grease Spray-25 to +150High speeds / good penetration
MOLYKOTE® M-30 Solid Lubricant DispersionUp to +200High-temperature chains / MoS2 content
MOLYKOTE® M-55 Plus DispersionDepends on oil to which it is addedExtreme loads / high MoS2 content
MOLYKOTE® L-1428 High Temperature Chain Oil-10 to +200High temperature / low volatility / no odour
MOLYKOTE® L-1468 FM Synthetic Freezer Chain Oil-50 to +120Wide temperature range / PAO / food grade / tacky
MOLYKOTE® Metal Protector PlusCorrosion protection for metals





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