Epoxy Laminating Resins

Product description

The RenLam® laminating resin series from Obo-Werke (master distributor Huntsman Advanced Materials) are 1C or 2C systems. They are based on different epoxy systems that are provided with different fillers and additives and are used for the production of moulds and tools. Because of their very low electrical conductivity, they can also be used very well for the encapsulation of electrical and electronic components. They are also used as an adhesive for metals and as a raw material for casting moulds. Compared to many UP and VE resins, the high-quality EP tooling resins are suitable for the production of highly temperature-resistant moulds.

RenLam® CY219 Ren® HY5160 Ren® HY5161 Ren® HY5162High mechanical strength at room temperature, tack-free at room temperature, highly compatible with glass fabrics and fillers, tack-free with choice of pot life and curing rate according to hardener; can be filled with mineral or metal materialsConstruction of jigs, foundry patterns and tooling aids, general tool building, wet lay-up tools using glass ply, backing structures
RenLam® LV5157 Ren® HY5159Good wetting properties, long pot life, can be procured at room temperature, enhanced dimensional stability under heat up to approximately 130 °CConstruction of vacuum deep-drawing and foam moulding tools, ancillary tooling and fixtures
RenLam® LY113 Ren® HY97-1 bd Ren® HY98Very low viscosity, excellent strength at room temperature, excellent wetting properties, high temperature resistance, up to 125 °C after post-curingStructural and special applications, wet lay-up laminating, resin infusion technique, laminated tools for RTM or RIM, composite components using glass, carbon or aramid ply
RenLam® LY5138-2 Ren® HY5138Low viscosity, contains neither solvent nor reactive diluent, very little colour, long pot life, no tackiness even after curing at room temperature, thermal stability at 70-80 °C with appropriate post-curingGeneral mould- and tool-making, where increased thermal stability is required
RenLam® LY5210 Ren® HY5211 Ren® HY5212Variable speed of cure-control, excellent fibre wet-out properties due to low viscosities, partial cure at room temperature completed with indicated post-cure, excellent inter-layer adhesionExtremely large tools can be produced due to very long pot life, tools requiring heat resistance up to 200 °C, fast and medium hardeners allow for better control over reaction, for heat-resistant tools used with glass or carbon fibres, prepreg lay-up tools
RenLam® LY5210 Ren® HY5213Good wetting properties, long pot life, partial curing at room temperature completed with indicated post-cure, exceptional heat resistanceFor heat-resistant tools with glass or carbon fibre fabrics, prepreg lay-up tools, part and structures, in combination with an appropriate gel coat system to construct high-temperature tools
RenLam® LY5210 Ren® HY5158 bd XB5173 hardenerFor heat-resistant tools with glass or carbon fibre fabrics, heat resistant up to 170-200 °C For heat-resistant tools and moulds, prepreg lay-up tools, vacuum-forming tools, foaming moulds
RenLam® M-1 Ren® HY956Low shrinkage and high dimensional stability, high mechanical strength, highly compatible with glass fabrics and fillersConstruction of jigs, foundry patterns and tooling aids



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