Product description

Cypermethrin is a synthetic broad spectrum insecticide which is used in agriculture as well as in consumer products for domestic purposes. It is approved for use on a broad range of crops, wood protection and to control ectoparasites which infest cattle, sheep and poultry. Cypermethrin is mainly used as an emulsifiable concentrate, although wettable powders and other formats are available.

Formulation Packaging
Alpha-Cypermethrin 97 % 50 kg drums
Chlorpyriphos 50 % + Cypermethrin 5 % EC 225 kg drums
Cypermethrin 10 % EC 1 l bottles
Cypermethrin 20 % E.C. 1 l bottles
Cypermethrin 25 % 1 l bottles
Cypermethrin 92 % tech. 200 kg drums
Cypermethrin 93 % tech 200 kg drums
Cypermethrin 94 % tech. 200 kg drums
Cypermethrin 95 % tech. 225 kg drums

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