Condensation-Curing Silicones

Polymer OH, Modifier OH

Product description

EVONIK supplies us with a widespread portfolio of raw materials for condensation-curing silicones. With this, adhesives and sealants for a broad range of applications like construction or industrial assembly can be developed.

Within the toolbox formulators can find hydroxy terminated silicone binders (Polymer OH), reactive pasticisers (Modifier OH) and catalysts to formulate products according to their specific needs in viscosity, mechanical properties, cure and non-bleeding properties.

Name Chemical characterisation
Polymer OH Hydroxy terminated polydimethyl siloxanes
Modifier OH 650 Monofunctional polydimethyl siloxane (50.000 mPas @ 25°C)
Modifier OH 655 Monofunctional polydimethyl siloxane (5.000 mPas @ 25°C)
Catalyst TD 18 Dioctyl dicarboxylate




Polymer OH, Modifier OH

Country availability

Austria Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bulgaria Croatia
Czech Republic Estonia
Hungary Latvia
Lithuania Macedonia
Montenegro Poland
Romania Serbia
Slovakia Slovenia
Switzerland Turkey

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