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High-quality straight fertilizers for a flexible application

Only the best producers from around the world are selected for our range of BiesterFERT straight fertilizers. This ensures that we can always supply the right product for the right application and meet all customer requirements in terms of origin, appearance and purity.

With the expertise of over 100 years, Biesterfeld is always involved in the latest developments and has the flexibility to chose the most convenient partners for their complete BiesterFERT portfolio. Long term relationships with suppliers and customers are a key factor of our success. Choosing BiesterFERT products guarantees buying from the most reliable producers which are able to make use of the latest production technologies.

Wide range of elements available as salt, powder, flakes or granular

The BiesterFERT product range covers the full range of primary and secondary fertilizer elements. Under the BiesterFERT brand you will find nitrogen, phosphate and potassium as well as magnesium, sulfur and calcium either as a straight product or in a combination of multiple elements. Depending on the requirements the products are available as granular, flakes or fully water soluble crystals.

All BiesterFERT products are subject to strict quality control systems. This gives our customers the guarantee that once you have appreciated the quality of your first BiesterFERT product you can be sure to rely on the other fertilizers without any hesitation.

Perfect packing guarantees a constant high Quality

Hydroscopic products with a high tendency of caking heavily depend on a professional packaging. BiesterFERT products are always sold in the most suitable packaging which combines an economic solution with the perfect protection of the product. It will guarantee that the goods arrive in perfect condition, but does not increase the cost needlessly. Most of the BiesterFERT products are sold in branded PE bags.

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