Newostat®, SaboStat®

Product description

Antistatic agents from SABO und NEWOS are organic compounds - used to prevent the electrostatic charging of plastics surfaces over long periods.

Plastics in most cases are isolating materials. Electrostatic charging of their surfaces often generates problems in handling and safety. Antistats are usually added when processing plastics. After a calculated migration, within some few days these surface active substances build up a conductive micro layer of humidity.

Under the trade names SaboStat® and Newostat® a broad range and various chemical classes of antistats is available. Depending on the application, these can be ethoxylated alkylamine, diethanol amines, glycerol fatty acid esters and sorbitan esters as well as ethoxylated polyalcohols, alkylsulfonates and quarternary ammonium salts.

Product Description
SaboStat® Ethoxylated alkylamines, diethanol amides, glycerol fatty acid esters and sorbitan esters for many thermoplastics
Antifog® Organic compounds which reduce the surface tension of water and thus prevent the formation of droplets on plastic surfaces
Newostat® Ethoxylated polyalcohols, alkylsulfonates and quaternary ammonium salts for all kind of PVC applications and TPE




Newostat®, SaboStat®

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