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Ultraflon™, Marzon™, Thor

Product description

LAUREL product division of PPG is our partner for micronized fluoropolymer additives based on PTFE, FEP and PFA. These anti-friction additives include the Ultraflon™ and Marzon™ series as well as the unique Thor-FPz, which can be used in plastics, coatings, inks, wire & cable and in lubes and greases.

The high-quality additives allow for enhanced product stability by reducing friction and improving abrasion and wear resistance in all kinds of polymers, coatings and lubricants. LAUREL’s strong focus on new and advanced grades is reflected by the launch of several innovative products in recent years.

The PTFE based Ultraflon™ series are standard grades available in different particle sizes for a broad range of applications. The Marzon™ Z series are modified “next generation” PTFEs. The advanced morphology even extends the properties of the standard grades in product stability and effectiveness, also adding grade specific advantages. The Thor-FPz is a fluorinated mica combining the benefiting properties of fluoropolymers with the thermal and form stability of a mica, which make it a well suited additive for high-temperature applications of up to 1200 °C.

All LAUREL PPG products comply with the current PFOA requirements set forth by EU Regulation 1907/2006/EC (REACH).

The following list is a selection of Laurel PPG fluoropolymers, which we recommend for their excellent properties. The Laurel PPG portfolio contains many more products with specific characteristics and for a broad range of applications.

Product Name Description
Ultraflon™ MP-10 PTFE micropowder,
Granular standard, especially suitable for plastics
Ultraflon™ MP-30 PTFE micropowder,
Granular standard with a broad range of applications
Ultraflon™ MP-55 PTFE micropowder,
Emulsion product, morphology especially suitable for lubricants
Ultraflon™ AD-10 PTFE dispersion,
Dispersed in H2O, especially suitable for coatings
Marzon™ Z-5 “Next generation” agglomerated PTFE micropowder,
Advanced molecular structure with very high surface area, absence of acid end groups resulting in superior dispersion, especially suitable in wire & cable and “high-end” plastic and coating applications
MarzonTM 110 Agglomerated PTFE,
Anti-dripping additive in combination with flame retardants, especially suitable for engineering plastics
Thor® FPz Fluorinated mica,
Friction reduction and anti-wear properties like a PTFE but without the softening effect. Very suitable for high temperature applications (up to 1200°C)




Ultraflon™, Marzon™, Thor

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