UV Curing Adhesives

BlueWave®, Light-Cap®, Light Weld®, SpeedMask®, Multi-Cure®, Ultra Light-Weld®, Ultra-Red™

Product description

Adhesives that cure under UV light are available as one component systems. They are very easy to apply and cure only when needed. By irradiation with light of the correct wavelength and energy, the radical crosslinking of the acrylates and photoinitiators into polymer chains starts. The UV adhesive cures in seconds. Our UV adhesives are solvent-free, halogen-free, and are recommended for very fast production or production requiring long preparation and rapid finishing. They are also suitable for high-precision manufacturing processes in the automotive, optics and electronics industries.

Dymax temporary masking makes it possible to automate processes in the aerospace, metalworking and medical device industries. SpeedMask products are the ideal replacement for adhesive tapes, wax and topcoats with enormous savings potential.

Special dual-cure adhesives allow the curing of adhesives by heat or moisture in areas that can not come in contact with UV light.

UV-adhesives with the patented See-Cure technology (SC) allow the control of the correct curing, which is characterized by a color change from blue to colourless. With Ultra-Red ™ fluorescence, visual control under "black light" (365 nm) achieves a clear contrast to naturally blue fluorescent materials (e.g., PVC). Both technologies are combined in Dymax Encompass® technology.

Depending on the application, light-curing adhesives meet the high requirements of relevant standards: Rolls Royce approval for spray metal masks, cytotoxicity according to ISO 10993-5 or also the protective coating standards MIL-I-46058C, IPC-CC-830B, UL 94V-0 and UL 746E.

Product Group Description SC Fluorescent Gel ISO 10993-5 MRO UL MIL
3-Series UV adhesives for plastics x x x - - - -
4-Series UV adhesives for glass - - x - - - -
5-Series Activators - - - - - - -
6-Series UV adhesives for metal, glass, plastics - x x - - - -
7-Series SpeedMask® masking x - x x x - -
8-Series Thermal or activator-cure adhesives - - x - - - -
9-Series UV adhesives for electronics x x (Ultra-Red™) x - - x x
GA-Series UV curing gaskets x x - - - - -
OP-Series UV adhesives for optics - - x - - - -
MB2-Series UV adhesives for magnets - - - - - - -




BlueWave®, Light-Cap®, Light Weld®, SpeedMask®, Multi-Cure®, Ultra Light-Weld®, Ultra-Red™

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