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Discover the innovative carbon fiber solutions by Gen2Carbon with our G-TEX TM and G-TEX M product lines. Designed to meet the demands of sustainability and performance, these nonwoven mats redefine composite materials for a greener future.

G-TEX TM: Engineered from a blend of recycled carbon fibers and thermoplastic polymers such as PP, PA, PEI, and PPS, G-TEX TM nonwoven mats offer exceptional mechanical properties, formability, and a superior surface finish. Ideal for automotive and aerospace applications, these mats range from 100 to 500 grams per square meter (gsm) with a thermoplastic content of 60-80%. Whether used in compression molding or as pre-consolidated sheets, G-TEX TM sets the standard for sustainable composites, supporting CO2 reduction initiatives.

G-TEX M: Setting new benchmarks in sustainability, G-TEX M consists of 100% recycled carbon fiber nonwoven mats. With an areal weight ranging from 50 to 500 gsm, these mats are compatible with various resin systems, making them versatile for automotive, wind energy, marine, and tooling applications. Whether for compression molding, vacuum infusion, or autoclave processes, G-TEX M delivers outstanding mechanical properties and a premium surface finish, embodying Gen2Carbon's commitment to environmental stewardship and performance excellence.

Explore the future of carbon fiber composites with Gen2Carbon’s G-TEX TM and G-TEX M, where sustainability meets uncompromised quality, driving innovation across industries. Please contact us for more information on how these products can enhance your projects while reducing environmental impact.

Product G-TEX TM G-TEX M
Tensile Strenght [GPa] 200-300 290-330
Tensile Modulus [GPa] 20-30 25-35
Compression Strenght[MPa] 170-190 270-330
Compression Modulus [GPa] 20-25 20-30
Flexural Strenght [MPa] 210-300 370-500
Density [g/cm³] 1,06 1,51
Roll width [mm] 500 - 2500 500 - 2500
Roll lenght [m] 25 - 100 25 - 100
Fibre Type SM45, IM56 SM45, IM56


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