Starch Ethers

Product description

Starch ethers from AVEBE are used as rheology modifying agents in cement and gypsum based dry mix mortars.

Products like Casucol™, Opagel™ and Solvitose® significantly improve the pumpability and sagging properties of plasters, as well as slip properties and open time of tile adhesives.

Further application fields are joint fillers, putties and gypsum board adhesives.

Product Description
Addilose SL Cellulose-modified anti-settling agent
Casucol 301 Allround type 1 thickener
Opagel CMT Thickener type 1
Opagel FP6 Thickener type 1
Opagel FP9 Highly efficient type 1 thickener
Solvitose 17S PVA-based binder and adhesive for fine plasters
Solvitose H2060 Type 2 thickener for cement-based applications


Casucol™, Opagel™, Solvitose®, Addilose®

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