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CRC Industries is a global leader in the production of speciality chemicals for maintenance and repair professionals and do-it-yourselfers. The products are primarily used in plastics processing, the automotive industry and general industry. Plastic processing products are designed for cleaning, mould release, mould protection and the lubrication of ejector pins.

Cleaners quickly and easily remove oil, grease and old protection films and leave a clean, dry surface free from residues. They are used to clean tools and equipment. There are also speciality cleaners such as BA400, brake cleaner and label remover. Additionally, a wide range of release agents is available: non-silicone and silicone-based release agents support the demoulding of thermosets and thermoplastics, e.g. polyurethane elastomers, flexible polymers, PVC, rubbers and transparent polymers such as PC, ABS and PA. They can be used for multiple purposes, whether food contact packaging, high temperature processing or sensitive paintable plastics. The portfolio also includes mould protectives and lubricants, which guarantee long-lasting moulds and equipment.

Product Group Brand Description
Formula One Release Agent Ambersil Heavy-duty silicone release agent (HT version available)
Formula Six Release Agent Ambersil Medium-duty silicone release agent
PUR 400 Release Agent Ambersil Silicone release agent for PU
Formula Four Release Agent Ambersil Non-silicone release agent for PVC
Formula Five Release Agent Ambersil Medium-duty, non-silicone release agent
Formula Seven Release Agent Ambersil Heavy-duty, non-silicone release agent
Formula Ten Release Agent Ambersil Dry film, non-silicone release agent
MPR100 Release Agent Ambersil Ready-to-use water-based silicone emulsion release agent
MOULD PROTECTIVE Protection Ambersil Mould corrosion inhibitor
CLEAR MOULD PROTECTIVE Protection Ambersil Transparent corrosion inhibitor
GREEN MOULD PROTECTIVE Protection Ambersil Highly visible corrosion inhibitor
NSR MULTI Release Agent CRC General use non-silicone release agent
NSR DRY Release Agent CRC Medium-duty, non-silicone release agent
NSR FOOD Release Agent CRC Food grade non-silicone-based release agent
NSR ULTRA THIN Release Agent CRC Non-silicone-based release agent with minimal product transfer
NSR THERMO Release Agent CRC Semi-permanent non-silicone release agent
NSR RUBBER Release Agent CRC
SR MULTI Release Agent CRC Silicone-based release agent for thermoplastics
SR SEMI PER Release Agent CRC Semi-permanent silicone-based release agent
SR THERMO Release Agent CRC Heavy-duty silicone-based release agent for polyester and epoxy moulds
SR FOOD Release Agent CRC Food grade silicone based release agent
MOULD CLEAN Cleaner CRC General cleaner for mould tools
POLYMER REMOVER Cleaner CRC Heavy-duty mould cleaner
EJECTOR LUBE Lubricant CRC Long-lasting high-performance lubricant for ejector pins
TRIFLOW Lubricant CRC Durable general lubricant (PTFE particles)
HIGH TEMP GREASE Lubricant CRC Lithium EP grease for low-speed, high-load applications with exposure to high temperatures
SLIDEWAY OIL Lubricant CRC Low-viscosity oil for high-speed spindle and slideways lubrication
MOULD PROTECT Protection CRC Long-term waxy corrosion protection (no silicone)
BLUE MOULD PROTECT Protection CRC Short-term blue coloured corrosion inhibitor for mould tools (no silicone)
CLEAR MOULD PROTECT Protection CRC Short-term clear corrosion inhibitor for mould tools (no silicone)


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