Metam Potassium

Product description

Metam Potassium is a soil disinfectant for controlling nematodes, soil diseases, weeds and germinating weed seeds. It is applied prior to seeding or planting, creating a favourable biotope that promotes healthy crop growth. As an agricultural soil fumigant, it is currently labeled for use on all food, feed, and fiber crops. It is available in various formulations and packaging sizes.

Formulation Standard packaging
Metam Potassium 510 g/l 25 l, 210 l drums
Metam Potassium 650 g/l 1,000 l IBC’S
Metam Potassium 690 g/l 1,000 l IBC’S

Country availability

Available worldwide

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Lars Dudszus

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Product Portfolio Plant Protection/Nutrition
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