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KELCOGEL® gellan gum is a polysaccharide produced by fermentation. This multi-functional hydrocolloid can be used at low levels in a wide variety of products that require gelling, texturizing, stabilizing, suspending, film-forming and structuring.

KELCOGEL® gellan gum is extremely effective in forming "fluid gels". This type of system is extremely pseudoplastic and highly efficient at suspending a wide variety of solids and liquids, including emulsified oil droplets, herbs, fruit pulp and cocoa.

Tradename Description & Application E-Number/Producer
KELCOGEL® F Baking stability for fillings; Gels at extremely low dosage (from 0,05 %) & forms pure & neutral gels E418/CP Kelco
KELCOGEL® HM-B(N) Stabilizer for neutral dairy beverages - particularly functional in products with low protein content E418/CP Kelco
KELCOGEL® HM-B Stabilizer for neutral dairy analogue beverages E418/CP Kelco
KELCOGEL® LT 100 Stabilizer for dairy analogue & fermented milk beverages with a low pH-value under 4,6 E418/CP Kelco
KELCOGEL® APM-B Functional mixture of CMC & Gellan, especially developed for the stabilization and improved mouth feel of sour dairy beverages E466, E418/CP Kelco


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