Maleic anhydride grafted polymer for compounding applications


Product description

Exxelor® is a maleic anhydride (MAH) functionalized polymer used as a phase compatibilizer in compounding applications. Exxelor® is used as an impact modifier e.g. for polyamides and compatibilizer for fillers e.g. for glass fiber or wood. Due to the high degree of functionalization with MAH, only small amounts of Exxelor® have to be added in order to see a positive effect. Exxelor® is divided into two groups based on the base polymer and the target application. On the one hand there are the VA types, which are based on EP (D) M / plastomer and are primarily used for the modification of reinforced and unreinforced PA compounds. On the other hand in the Exxelor® PE / PO types, based on PP (Homo / Copo) and HDPE. They are used to make polyolefins compatible with fillers or polar polymers such as PA.

Typical applications of Exxelor® in compounding are:

• Impact modification (Modification of PA)

Optimized ductility up to -40°C

• Compatibilizer between unpolar und non-polar and polar polymers (e.g. PA/PP)

• Coupling agent( e.g. glass fiber reinforced polymers or WPC)


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