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The RenCast® series from OBO-Werke (master distributor Huntsman Advanced Materials) are epoxy casting resins developed for the fast and easy production of models, tools and moulds. The excellent flow behaviour and the good abrasion resistance allow, for example, for use in casting and copying models. In addition, casting resins characterised by outstanding polishing properties are also available. In general, all epoxy casting resins are distinguished by their good chemical resistance. Due to the long pot lives and low viscosities, some systems enable the use of vacuum-forming. RenCast® casting systems are also available with aluminium fillers, and therefore have high temperature resistance.

System Properties Application
RenCast® CW20 Excellent mechanical strength, good chemical resistance and very hard, abrasion-resistant surface, blue colour Foundry and copying models, sheet metal forming tools, foaming and concrete casting moulds
RenCast® CW47 Heat distortion resistance up to 210 °C after heat treatment, long pot life, casting up to 100 mm layer thickness, grey colour Vacuum moulds, injection moulds for thermoplastics, tools for making prepreg components, foaming moulds
RenCast® CW61 Chemical-resistant, temperature resistant up to 110 °C, high strength at demoulding, easy to work, grey colour Vacuum moulds, foam moulds, prepreg lamination tools
RenCast® CW2215 Suitable for full and front casting, curing at room temperature, casting of layers up to 80 mm, easy to work after curing, yellow colour Foundry models, gauges and devices, moulds and models for the ceramics industry
RenCast® CW2418-1 Hard, abrasion-resistant surfaces, easy to work, curing at room temperature, casting of layers up to 80 mm, black colour Sheet metal forming tools, grouting of guide bushings, full and front casting, casting and copying models
RenCast® CW5156-1 Low viscosity, long pot life, pre-curing at room temperature, no unpleasant odours, grey colour Manufacture of vacuum moulds and heat-resistant models and tools





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