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Prochef, Procream, Prochoc, Prodiet, Promilk

Product description

We offer milk powders, milk proteins, functional systems and innovative bioactives for the food & health industries from Ingredia.

Tradename Description & Application E-Number/Producer
Prodiet® range of micellar caseins Naturally rich in micellar caseins: 92 % of total protein, high nutritional quality, very rich in native micellar calcium, rich in BCAA (especially in leucine) Ingredia Nutritional
Prodiet® hydrolysate proteins Milk Protein Hydrolysates (MPH) made from native whey or micellar caseins Ingredia Nutritional
Promilk® milk proteins isolate Milk Protein Isolate (MPI) is 100 % Total Milk Protein (TMP), 80 % micellar casein/20 % soluble proteins, high nutritional quality and rich in native calcium Ingredia Nutritional
Promilk® range for yoghurts & desserts Protein enrichment ("greek style"), creaminess/mouthfeel, texture for gelled products, reduced syneresis, cost reduction; Available in organic quality Ingredia Functional
Promilk® for dairy beverages Protein enrichment, stabilization, suspension, opacity and taste Ingredia Functional
Procake® for egg replacement Egg replacement in cakes, croissants, muffins, sponge cakes and icings/glazes Ingredia Functional
Procream® for ice cream and frozen desserts Cost reduction by replacing SMP or WMP. Creamy meltdown and improved mouthfeel Ingredia Functional
Promilk® for cheese and analogue cheese Higher yield and reduced whey separation – various textures possible Ingredia Functional




Prochef, Procream, Prochoc, Prodiet, Promilk

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