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Under the brand name CAPA® our supplier INGEVITY offers a broad range of Caprolactones for different applications.

Ingevity’s CAPA® polyols encompass a wide range of products used primarily in the Polyurethane industry, expanding markets include coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers (CASE) applications. Caprolactone polyols bring exceptional mechanical properties, improved processing and enhanced durability into these markets.

CAPA® polyols reliably add value to formulations that differentiate products from the competition. Customers can reduce volatile organic compounds, improve abrasion and impact resistance for coating formulations. CAPA® polyols can also enhance weatherability, compression and dynamic properties in high performing PU elastomers.

CAPA® thermoplastics are high molecular weight polyols used in a wide range of adhesive, bioplastic and thermoplastic applications. CAPA® thermoplastics are high performing, fully compostable and process stable polymers. Thanks to the good compatibility, CAPA® thermoplastics can be used in combination with many polymers to enhance mechanical performance and improve system biodegradability. CAPA® thermoplastics can be used both in reactive and not reactive hot melt systems for footwear and edge banding applications.

CAPA® Monomer is a cyclic ester used in the production of polymer resins. It is used in the production of high quality polyester resins and in the formulation of UV curable monomers and oligomers.





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