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The granular fertilizer for a homogenous nutrient supply

BiesterCOMP are high-quality compound granular fertilizers made of only the best raw materials. All required plant nutrients are incorporated into each single granule which ensures a homogenous dispersion of the particles and a uniform and effective supply of plant nutrients compared to fertilizers with a bulk blending. After application the granules slowly dissolve and the nutrients become available to the plant.

BiesterCOMP is available in a wide selection of different compositions with the goal to provide farmers the right fertilizer for each crop, each soil and each climate. Besides a range of standard products, tailor made compositions as well as special colorations are available on request. Each composition contains nitrogen (N), phosporous (P2O5) and potassium (K2O). Most products also contain magnesium (MgO) and sulfur (SO3) and selected products can be enriched with special trace elements

like boron, iron, manganese, copper or zinc to improve the physical and chemical characteristics. BiesterCOMP is low in chloride which is very important for plants that are sensible to chloride and need potassium that

comes from potassium sulfate.

Easy handling and simple application in each stage of Vegetation

BiesterCOMP is shipped in a flexible range of bags and big bags and can easily be applied mechanically or manually. The high crushing strength and the granulometry – with 96 % of all granules between 2 and 5 mm – ensure a superior distribution with no segregation of the elements and a very low dust emission.

BiesterCOMP is suitable for two application stages. As a pre-plant fertilizer it is incorporated in the top layer of the soil (around 10 cm) a few days before sowing. Once the plant growth started, it can be spread as a maintenance fertilizer which dissolves during rainy weather and the nutrients become available to the plant.

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