Antibacterials / Makrolide

Product description


Macrolides are lactones with a glycosidically bonded sugar


Lincosamides block peptidyltransferase and hence interrupt protein biosynthesis by binding to the 50-S subunits of the ribosomes. They have a bacteriostatic effect.

Areas of application:

Bacterial infections of the respiratory tract and skin infections by staphylococci etc.

Main products in this category:

Productname CAS No.
Erythromycin 114-07-8
Erythromycin Thiocyanate 7704-67-8
Tilmicosin 108050-54-0
Tylosin 1401-69-0
Tylosin Phosphate 1405-53-4
Tylosin Tartrate 1405-54-5

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