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Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, usually called 2,4 D, is one of the most widely used systemic herbicides and a plant growth regulators that kills broadleaf weeds but leaves most grasses relatively unaffected. It is typically applied as an amine salt, but more potent ester versions exist as well. It is available in various formulations and other packaging sizes.

Formulation Standard packaging:
2,4 D Amine 480 g/l 20 l drums
2,4 D Amine Salt 720 g/l 1 l bottles, 5 l bottles
2,4 D Acid tech. 25 kg bags, 600 kg big bags
2,4 D Ethyl Hexyl Ester 680g/l 20 l, 1000 l drums
2,4-D Dimethyl Amine Salt 860 g/l SL 200 l drums
2,4 D Ethyl Hexyl Ester 96 % 1,125 kg drums
2,4 D IOE Tech. 200 kg drums

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