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DOW Silicones (formerly Dow Corning) delivers a wide variety of silicone-based polymers for diverse solutions in electric, electronic and energy applications. DOWSIL™ and XIAMETER™ silicone fluids can be used to replace many of the VOC and hazardous air-polluting solvents used in electronics manufacturing. The fluids in our portfolio can be used for:

Stripping conformal coatings – Fluids are effective at removing many conformal coatings.

Coating dilution – Fluids are especially effective at diluting conformal coatings, for optimum spray viscosity.

Coating application – Offers a variety of solventless and low-VOC conformal coatings, many specially tailored to spray, dip, or brush application methods.

Board preparation – All Fluids can be used to preclean boards prior to coating.

Equipment clean-up – Fluids offer an environmentally acceptable way of cleaning mixing and dispensing equipment, including lines and heads.

Product Viscosity [mPas] Surface Tension at 25 °C [mN/m] 
DOWSIL™ OS-10 0.5 15.2 
DOWSIL™ OS-20 0.8 16.5 
DOWSIL™ OS-30 1.3 17.3 
DOWSIL™ DS-1000 Aqueous Silicone Cleaner 50
DOWSIL™ DS-2025 Silicone Cleaning Solvent < 10



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