Silane Modified Polymers

Tegopac® & Polymer ST

Product description

With Tegopac® and Polymer ST our supplier EVONIK offers different technologies for silane modified polymers (SMP). SMP's are basic materials in adhesives and sealants for applications such as construction, industrial assembly and transport.

Tegopac® products are ethanol releasing binders. The backbone is built by different polymers based on renewable raw materials. Systems with high tack and high adhesion are achievable. Through the design of the lateral arranged crosslinking groups, sealants with outstanding elasticity recovery can be developed.

The Polymer ST types are silyl terminated polyether polyurethanes. They release methanol and enable developers to achieve fast curing systems with excellent elongation properties and high strength.

Product Release of: Modulus Polymer backbone Plasticizers Viscosity in mPas (25°C) Crosslinking groups
Polymer ST 48 Methanol low-medium PPG DPHP 60.000 terminal
Polymer ST 77 Methanol low-medium PPG Elatur ® CH 40.000 terminal
Polymer ST 61 Methanol high PPG none 35.000 terminal
Polymer ST 61 LV Methanol high PPG none 12.000 terminal
Polymer ST 80 Methanol high PPG none 20.000 terminal
Polymer ST 81 Methanol high PPG none 40.000 terminal
Tegopac® Seal 100 Ethanol low-Medium PPG none 55.000 lateral
Tegopac® Bond 160 Ethanol medium PPG none 10.000 lateral
Tegopac® Bond 170 Ethanol medium PPG none 30.000 lateral
Tegopac® Bond 251 Ethanol medium modified none 30.000 lateral
Tegopac® RD 1 Ethanol reactive diluent modified none 1.000 lateral
Tegopac® RD 2 Ethanol reactive diluent modified none 1.500 lateral
Tegopac® RDS 1 Ethanol reactive diluent modified none 500 lateral




Tegopac® & Polymer ST

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