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Product description

The colour pastes TEGOCOLOR® from EVONIK are used in a variety of polyurethane foams. These include e.g. classic polyether block foams, HR (high resilient) foams or integral foams. The color pigments are dispersed in polyether polyols and can be incorporated into the polymer matrix via primary OH groups. The color dispersions are storage-stable and do not tend to separate or thicken. Nevertheless, it is recommended to stir the color pastes after prolonged storage or after contact with heat before use.

The color pastes are available in red, yellow, green, blue and black.

Besides our color pastes we also offer amine catalysts, metal catalysts, silicone surfactants, curing agents and other performance additives from EVONIK for PUR formulations.

Product Description
Tegocolor® Particle size: <35µm
Density (25°C): 1.00–1.15g/cm³
Dispersing agent: polyether polyol with primary OH group
OH number of the dispersing agent: 35–48mg KOH/g
Storage stability: 12 months





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Austria Belarus
Czech Republic Estonia
Germany Hungary
Latvia Lithuania
Poland Russia
Slovakia Switzerland

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