Functional Monomers

Product description

The functional monomer product group of our supplier SONGWON comprises bisphenol-based monomers, high-performance monomers based on diacid anhydrides and diamines as well as dicyclopentadiene phenol adducts (DCPD) for the production and modification of resins.

These products are suitable for the production and modification of epoxy and phenolic resins and polyester powder coating resins. They can also be used for various resins and polymers based on polycarbonates, polyimides and polybenzoxazines to modify viscosity and melting point or optimize flexibility as well as thermal and mechanical properties.

The powdered and crystalline monomers are characterized by their very high purity and can be used in a dosage of 0 - 100 %, which enables individual resin production. In addition, tailor-made customer solutions can also be offered.

Product line Description
DCPD types Main application as an epoxy resin modifier in epoxy chain extension reactions, mainly for the production of epoxy/phenolic resins and composites.
Bisphenol types For the production of various plastics and resins based on bisphenol, for products exposed to high chemical and mechanical stress.
High Performance Monomers Monomers with highest chemical purity for clear special resins and polymers with low thermal expansion and high thermal stability.



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