Songnox®, Songnox® CS

Product description

Antioxidants from SONGWON are stabilizers acting against the oxidative damage of organic materials like plastics, coatings or adhesives & sealants.

Typical aging occurences as discolouration, mechanical failure or undesirable changes of physical properties of the end products are prevented or at least delayed. Therewith functionality and initial appearance is kept for a long service life.

Under the trade name Songnox® a broad range and various chemical classes of antioxidants are available. These are phenol derivatives, amines, organic phosphites and thio compounds.

Product line Application Description
Songnox® Plastics Phenol derivatives and aminic compounds as primary antioxidants, organic phosphites for processing stability, thio compounds for long-term heat stabilization and metal deactivators against the catalytic effect of metals
Songnox® CS Coatings & Adhesives/Sealants Phenol derivatives as primary antioxidants and organic phosphites for processing stabilization




Songnox®, Songnox® CS

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