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Prepregs are ready-to-use systems that are processed without further addition of fibre reinforcement or resin. As pre-impregnated fibres or fabrics, prepregs include homogeneously distributed fibres with a resin system in which the curing agent is already contained. The balanced ratio of fibre reinforcement and resin content , which is almost individually adjustable, leads to a simplified processing and increases the product quality compared to the regular processing. In addition, the consistent quality and individually controllable layer thickness allow the use of prepregs for series production.

The curing is initiated by an elevated temperature and an increased pressure in the production process. Special prepreg systems allow the curing at low temperatures out of autoclaves. Prepregs are available in various combinations of fabric (glass, carbon, aramid, etc.) and resin matrix (epoxy resin, phenolic resin) and come as a solvent-based system and as a hotmelt system. Prepregs are ideal for use in a wide range of industries, such as the transportation, marine, medical and orthopaedic industries. They comply with the high requirements of EN 45545-2 for railway application, UL94V-0 for automotive application and FAR / JAR 25.853 and CS 25.853 for flame retardancy in aircraft interiors.

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