Epoxy Accelerators & Modifiers

Ancamine®, Amicure®, Anchor®, Catalyst, Curezol®, Dicyanex®, Imicure®

Product description

Our supplier EVONIK offers different modifiers and accelerators for epoxy systems under the brand name Ancamine®, Amicure®, Anchor®, Catalyst, Curezol®, Dicyanex® and Imicure®.

These products are aliphatic amine based latent curing agents with low activation temperatures. They are used as an accelerator or sole curing agent in one component systems. Furthermore we offer urea based accelerators for dicyandiamide, tertiary amines and modifications of p-toluenesulphonates, as well as modified amine complexes of BF3, imidazole and different grades of dicyandiamid.

With these additives one and two component epoxy systems (solvent-free, aqueous or solvent-based) for different applications can be formulated, such as industrial coatings, adhesives, floorings and composites.

Product Description
Ancamine® Various accelerators for dicyandiamide with low activation temperatures (70-90°C) and tertiary amines for standard purposes
Amicure® Various urea and dicyandiamide based accelerators
Anchor® BF3 amine complexes for 1-pack epoxy formulations
Catalyst Catalyst based on p-toluenesuphonate, mainly used in stoving systems
Curezol® / Imicure® Imidazoles with varying latency for 1-pack epoxy formulations
Dicyanex® Dicyandiamide for 1-pack epoxy formulations




Ancamine®, Amicure®, Anchor®, Catalyst, Curezol®, Dicyanex®, Imicure®

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