Starch Derivatives

Product description

Our supplier AVEBE is the world’s biggest producer of potato based modified starch. Due to that, there is a huge portfolio of cook-up and cold water soluble starches to your disposal.

The properties of products like Avedex®, Solvitose®, Solvicol® and Perfectamyl™ are very diverse. They can work as a rheology modifier and thickener in all waterbased formulations, as a stabiliser in dispersions, as a tackifier for polymers or as a binding and film-forming agent for many industrial applications.

The main application for modified starches is adhesives. Furthermore these additives are used in abrasives, lubricants, textiles, ceramics, foundry and emulsion paints.


Avedex®, Perfectamyl®, Solvitose®, Solvicol®

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