Silicone Thermally Conductive Dispensable Thermal Pads / Gap Filler


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DOW Silicones (formerly Dow Corning) delivers a wide variety of silicone-based polymers for diverse solutions in electric, electronic and energy applications. With increased miniaturisation of systems and increased circuit density, today’s electronics generate a large amount of heat. If the heat is not carried off and dissipated, the operational lifetime and reliability of the electronics can be reduced. This is a problem that needs to be addressed for everything from individual devices to electronic modules and systems.

We offer a wide variety of thermally conductive materials to meet the needs of different applications. These materials include curing adhesives, encapsulants and gels, non-curing compounds, and dispensable thermal pads. They can be used in many device configurations and perform well in accommodating high tolerances between surfaces.

As a class of materials, silicones maintain consistently high physical, electrical and optical performance at high temperatures. Available in a broad range of viscosities, cure chemistries and delivery formats, our products can help expand design and manufacturing latitudes.

DOWSIL™ thermally conductive dispensable pads are used as filling between heat source and heat sink. Materials are developed for precise printing of silicone pads, which are needed in complex shapes. DOWSIL™ dispensable pads are delivered as two-component materials with a mixing ratio of 1:1. Curing reaction allows to accelerate with moderate heat of between 75 °C and 120 °C. Thermal pads offer thermal conductivity of up to 2.5 W/mK

ProductThermal Conductivity [W/mK]Viscosity [mPas]Cure time 
DOWSIL™ TC-4015 Dispensable Thermal Pad1.71103,00048 min@75 °C, 16 min @100 °, 10 min @120 °C 
DOWSIL™ TC-4016 Dispensable Thermal Pad1.71103,00048 min@75 °C, 16 min @100 °C, 10 min @120 °C 
DOWSIL™ TC-4025 Dispensable Thermal Pad2.570,00040 min@75 °C, 15 min @100 °C, 10 min @120 °C 
DOWSIL™ TC-4026 Dispensable Thermal Pad2.570,00040 min@75 °C, 15 min @100 °C, 10 min @120 °C 





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