Peristaltic Pump Tubing


Product description

Liveo™ Pharma Tubing is a translucent silicone tubing made from tear-resistant Liveo™ BioMedical Grade platinum-cured elastomer. It is designed for the use in pharmaceutical and biotechnological manufacturing processes.

Liveo™ Pharma Tubing is thoroughly qualified, including compliance with European Pharmacopoeia 3.1.9, USP Class VI, Japanese Pharmacopoeia and other standards. The Pharma Tubing are available in various dimensions. Please contact us for further information on dimensions.

Product Application
Pharma-50 Excellent choice for high purity pharmaceutical fluid transfer and filling applications
Pharma-65 Higher durometer (hardness) offers increased kink resistance. Cost effective alternative to reinforced tubing for moderate pressure applications
Pharma-80 Highest durometer (hardness) tubing available from Liveo offers increased kink resistance. Cost effective alternative to reinforced tubing for moderate to high pressure or vacuum applications
Pharma-65 Reinforced A superior choice for applications requiring kink, high pressure, and vacuum resistance
Pharma Advanced Pump Tubing (APT) Specifically formulated platinum-cured silicone tubing for peristaltic pump applications, providing up to six times the pump life of standard platinum-cured silicone tubing





Country availability

Austria Belgium
Bulgaria Croatia
Cyprus Czech Republic
Denmark Estonia
Faroes Finland
France Germany
Greece Hungary
Ireland Italy
Latvia Lithuania
Luxembourg Malta
Netherlands Poland
Portugal Romania
San Marino Slovakia
Slovenia Spain
Sweden United Kingdom
Vatican City  

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