BiesterSOL Humic

Product description

The water soluble fertilizer with humic and fulvic acids

Humic acids play an important role in plant growth. In combination with

fulvic acids, which are a special form of humic acids with a lower molecular

weight and a higher oxygen content, they improve the structure of the

soil, provide a favourable environment for microbial activity, significantly

stimulate root growth, increase yield and fruits quality.

The high quality water soluble NPK fertilizer BiesterSOL humic contains

a very high percentage of humic and fulvic acids. Made of only the best

raw materials of European origin, it uses phosphorus (P) derivated from

mono-ammonical and mono-potassium phosphates as well as potassium

derivated from nitrate and is enriched with a special trace element mix

containing boron, iron, manganese, copper or zinc to improve the physical-

chemical characteristics. BiesterSOL

humic is extremely pure and

does not contain any harmful substances like chlorine or sodium.

Perfect combination for each stage of vegetation

BiesterSOL humic is available in two versions. “Alpha” with its high

percentages of N and P is ideally suited for the early stages of vegetation,

whereas “Omega” with a high share of K is perfectly suited for the final

stages including fruit development and maturation.

Being 100% water soluble, BiesterSOL humic can be used in all kinds of

irrigation systems: for drip irrigation and sprinkler systems, for soil grown

crops and with hydroponic systems and in greenhouses as well as in open

field cultivations. .

Easy handling and application

Thanks to the use of a unique drying facility during the production process,

BiesterSOL humic contains almost no humidity. This assures that

the product does not cake, has an extended shelf life and is always freeflowing.

These characteristics increase the solubility and facilitate the dosing.

BiesterSOL humic is packaged in high-quality aluminium bags with a

special durability. The application of BiesterSOL humic is easy and time

saving. The high product quality reduces the risk of leaching as well as of

any water eutrophication.

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