Product description

VESTENAMER® is a “multi-task” specialty with outstanding characteristics for the Rubber processing industry.

The trans-polyoctenamer rubber (TOR) which consists of linear and cyclic macromolecules is used in a broad range of applications such as:

- Rollers

- Hose

- Profiles

- Sealants

- Drive and Conveyor Belts

- Wire & Cable

- Floor- and Roofing

- Molded and Foamed goods

- Shoe Soles

- Medical Stoppers

and finds more and more usage in the field of recycling of mechanical rubber powder.

As a process additive VESTENAMER® improves the flowability of the rubber compound, as a result of which the material can be processed much more efficiently. In profile extrusion VESTENAMER® functions as a processing aid to increase the stability of the raw profiles and to improve flowability, surface smoothness and dimensional stability.



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