Nano Additives for Adhesives

Nanopox® A, Nanocryl® A, Nanopol® A


With Nanopox®, Nanocryl® and Nanopol® our supplier EVONIK offers a range of nanoscale silica fillers for adhesive formulations. All products in this portfolio are non-agglomerated amorphous SiO2 – grown in water and transferred into reactive resins (epoxy, acrylic or polyol).

These dispersions enable adhesive formulators to incorporate high filler loadings while guaranteeing low viscosities. Key benefits are improved mechanical properties (fracture toughness, impact resistance, fatigue performance and modulus) and reduced cure shrinkage and thermal expansion.

Application for EVONIK’s unique nano additives are structural adhesives for construction, aerospace, automotive/transportation and industrial assembly.

Type SiO2 (%wt) Base Viscosity @ 25°C
Nanopox® A 410 40 DGEBA 45mPas
Nanopox® A 510 40 DGEBF 20mPas
Nanopox® A 611 40 EEC 2mPas
Nanocryl® A 370 50 HEMA 60mPas
Nanocryl® A 210 50 HDDA 175mPas
Nanocryl® A 215 50 TPGDA 200mPas
Nanocryl® A 220 50 TMPTA 3.300mPas
Nanocryl® A 223 50 TMPEOTA 1.000mPas
Nanopol® A 710 50 MPA 20mPas
Nanopol® A 720 50 BuAc 20mPas




Nanopox® A, Nanocryl® A, Nanopol® A


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