Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

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MG-2xxx Skin adhesive product range is based on Silicone Pressure Sensitive Adhesive technology. These are one-part systems that offer high adhesion and conformity to the skin in combination with high gas and moisture permeability for extended wearing schemes. The Dow Corning MG-2xxx PSA product family is suitable for a wide range of applications that require load-bearing device fixation on the skin like ileostomy and colostomy appliances, patient monitoring and diagnostic platforms, but also applicable for e.g. prosthetic devices or the fixation of hairpieces. The materials are available dispersed in solvents or as hotmelt.

MG-2401 Silicone PSASolvent: Hexamethyldisiloxane, Medium tack, 32 % solid Content
MG-2402 Silicone PSASolvent: Ethyl Acetate, Medium tack, 64 % solid content
MG-2502 Silicone PSASolvent: Ethyl Acetate, High Tack, 59% solid Content
MG-2410 Silicone PSAHot-Melt, Very High tack, Melt viscosity: 30.300 cP


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