Xanthan Gum

Keltrol®, Kelzan®, Xantural®

Product description

Xanthan gum is a polysaccharide and is mainly used to thicken and stabilize emulsions, foams and suspensions. It is produced by a fermentation process and is identical to the naturally occurring polysaccharide by xanthomonas campestris in composition and structure.

Xanthan gum is characterized by its pseudoplasticity. It provides high viscosity at low shear and a good flow behavior under shear stress at the same time for example at pumping or pouring even at low concentrations.

Our Keltrol®, Kelzan® and Xantural® brands from our supplier CP KELCO cover a wide range of possible applications in the industrial and consumer fields.

In food applications the ingredient is known as E415.

Tradename Description & Application E-Number
Keltrol AP Advanced performance; keltrol AP is particularly funtional in compositions with high salt contents, low pH value and/or high dry matter; Better suspension of particles and storage stability E415
Keltrol T PLUS Transparent and 20% reduced dosage with respect to the Standard-Xanthan; Ideal for applications, which require a high clarity
Keltrol RD Ready dispersible; Agglomerate Xanthan for an easy solution without lump formation. Also direct addition and dissolving in warm water is possible
Xantural® is EP-/ USP compliant and corresponds to the purity criteria listed in the monograph; manufactured under cGMP guidelines for bulk pharmaceutical excipients


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Keltrol®, Kelzan®, Xantural®

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