Wetting Agents

Surfynol®, Dynol™, Carbowet®, Tego® Wet, Tego® Twin, Surfynol® AS, Tegopren®, Tego® Surten

Product description

EVONIK provides a wide range of multifunctional surfactants for aqueous systems. These additives reduce the surface tension of water, which enables the system to wet out demanding surfaces and to disperse fillers and pigments. This improves the adhesion, resistances and optics of the final product.

These products are used in many formulations, including automotive coatings, wood coatings, dispersion paints, printing inks, overprint varnishes, adhesives and cleaners.

Product Application Description
Surfynol® Coatings, inks & OPV’s Nonionic organic gemini surfactants, dynamic substrate wetting with defoaming effect
Dynol™ Coatings, inks & OPV’s Nonionic, mostly organic gemini surfactants, specially developed for wetting particularly difficult substrates and improving the surface appearance
Carbowet® Coatings, inks & OPV’s Nonionic organic wetting agents for good substrate wetting and stabilizing/emulsifying properties
Tego® Wet 2xx Coatings, inks & OPV’s Nonionic polyether-modified siloxanes, for excellent spreading due to static surface tension reduction, universally applicable
Tego® Wet 5xx Coatings, inks & OPV’s Nonionic silicone- and solvent-free surfactants for dynamic surface tension reduction in water-based coatings, non-foaming
Tego® Twin Coatings, inks & OPV’s Nonionic silicone-based gemini surfactants, dynamic wetting agents for good spreading, with anti-crater and defoaming effect, especially in aqueous systems, also effective in solvent-based coatings
Surfynol® AS Adhesives Mostly nonionic organic wetting agents (siloxane free) for dynamic substrate wetting
Tegopren® Adhesives Surfactants and dispersing agents based on polyethersiloxane for wetting of demanding substrates




Surfynol®, Dynol™, Carbowet®, Tego® Wet, Tego® Twin, Surfynol® AS, Tegopren®, Tego® Surten

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